Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Our Trip To South Carolina....

Bridge in Charleston

We drove down to SC from WV last Friday for a week. We stayed in Edisto Island,SC which is one hour away from Charleston,SC & only 10 minutes away from Botany Bay, SC. We had the BEST BBQ & food of our lives. I gained 6 lbs alone! The banana puddin is to die for down there & the crab OMG! HAHA I'm drooling just thinking about it. I took all of these pictures myself. I highly recommend that everyone go to Charleston & Botany Bay at least once in their lives. The humidity was a KILLER for us. The day we went to Magnolia Plantation it was 104 with Humidity & the mosquitos are HUGE down there! We relaxed on Edisto Beach for a few days & toured Charleston a few days walking around downtown & looking at the historic houses, Fort Sumter, & hung out w/ some friends we have down there as well. In Edisto we went to the Reptile Zoo & State Park & just relaxed. Edisto Beach is the best place to go to relax. There are NO fast food places & it isn't built up at all. We will go back for sure! If anyone has any questions about the area or the pictures please ask away! Our friends made us all homemade items from their farm/garden ranging from pork,potatoes,green beans,& sweet corn( I had 2 because they were SO good)! Can you start to see why I gained 6 lbs? Hopefully it is just water weight & will come off quickly :) I found a hidden Mickey on the steps up to Fort Sumter & I showed my hubby & he shook his head & said "Only you would see that" All in all we had a great trip. On the way home we went to the Food & Wine Festival at Busch Gardens, Williamsburg,VA. I will share my review & pics on that this week!

What are your Summer plans this year???
Hidden Mickey at Fort Sumter :) 

Home Team BBQ Grits,Mac n cheese, & pulled Pork Cornbread too!

Historic Charleston
Gator we saw in pond at Magnolia Plantation 
Botany Bay,SC 
Magnolia Plantation 
This is my favorite picture I took :) 
Our friend's backyard!

Homemade Peach Ice cream in Edisto Island,SC It was SOOOOO good!

Botany Bay,SC

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