Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Joy of Tea Frozen Peach Schnapps Review...

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When I worked at Disney my go to liquor mixer was peach schnapps. You could say I was a bit over excited when I found out about this. Sadly it did not live up to its name. Maybe I built it up to be too awesome that it couldn't live up to that? It had way too much tea in the drink for my taste but I dislike the taste of tea. If you love tea & peaches you will probably love this. I'm not sure why but I thought a slight tinge of tea flavor wouldn't bother me. I was going to throw it away but my friend insisted she drink that and her Margarita. HAHA Joy of Tea is located in the China area of Epcot. Next trip I plan to try the orange grand mariner slushie!

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