Saturday, July 14, 2012

WDW Brown Derby vs. NY Brown Derby

Me & Monika @ Brown Derby in HollyWood Studios
WDW Brown Derby
Albany, NY sign
Me at WDW Brown Derby this past November

I've had the pleasure of dining at both Brown Derby restaurants. This past Month I was in Albany,NY to discover the restaurant was next to our hotel! It is much smaller than the wdw restaurant but still very nice. The waiter overheard my hubby& I guessing who was on the wall so he dropped off a chart for the wall.

Lucille Ball pic @ WDW oh how I LOVE her!

NY version of a Peachtree
WDW PeachTree is AMAZING!
I remembered an amazing peach drink I had at the WDW B.D. & was disappointed that the NY one didn't have it so we looked up the drink recipe & gave it to the waiter & I had it with no problems. It is called a Peachtree. If you like peach drinks you will LOVE this one! The one at WDW is huge & so worth it. By far my favorite alcohol drink anywhere on the planet!
My hubby with all of his tea elements at Albany,NY

Filet Mignon at Albany,NY

The food is different but both are excellent. I had the filet mignon at both restaurants. The NY one was encrusted on the sides & had blue cheese on the top while the wdw one was cooked in a wine sauce. Both very good but I think the wdw wins by a hair. The service was good in NY but our waiter at WDW was by far superior. He was very attentive and very professional & funny. We didn't see our waiter too much in NY but I think he might have been only one of two waiters there. I was disappointed w/ the creme brulee @ NY. It had little to no vanilla flavor but the strawberry sauce on the plate as a garnish was amazing.               I didn't have dessert at the WDW one to compare. My hubby got tea in NY and it was quite a production! HA. All in all both places are great but WDW is slightly better. If you cannot make it to the FL one the NY one is a great alternative!

Filet Mignon at WDW

Monika's Lamb at WDW She said it was excellent ;)


  1. Oh how I dislike these industrial tea pots. How difficult is it to have a proper tea pot on a beautifully layed out table.
    We absolutely love the service, embience and, of course, the food and drinks at BD at Hollywood Studios.
    Love your report,



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