Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Worst Guest I Ever Dealt with...

Old Pooh Panel from when I worked there in 1999. On my last trip I noticed it had been updated.

Me after closing on the Hunny pot @ Pooh ride :)

I only had one rude guest in the two semesters that I worked at WDW. I was working at the Pooh ride right after it opened. When it first opened they had NO safety gates so kids could jump from the platform on the hunny pots. Two Hunny pots would go into the load zone two at a time. This lady let her seven year old daughter ahead of her in line. They were standing in the second load zone from me where I was at the panel controlling the cars. The little girl jumped into the first Hunny pot & proceeded to ride up to load zone one. I was in shock of what had just happened. I don't understand to this day why an adult wouldn't stand in front of a dangerous area like that? I made an announcement over the system to please watch your children's safety at the loading zone needless to say and she proceeded to yell at me and tell me it was MY fault her daughter did this & called me a retard yes she called me a retard. I just  shot her a huge smile & I'm sure that made her mad I didn't show her that she upset me...Due to her daughter jumping they had to wait a turn to go on & you would NOT believe it but the little girl did it AGAIN!!! I made ANOTHER announcement that adults should stand in front of their children at the loading zone. My last personal vacation to WDW this past November I noticed they FINALLY added safety gates but I will ALWAYS remember that lady...

I want to leave my blog post on a lighter note so I will tell a magical moment I created on my day off. The guy across the hall from me always had the same days off  so we normally would go to MK on Mondays together. We headed for Space Mt. & the line was SO long. We ended up talking to a sweet couple in the line from NJ. My friend who worked at Space Mt. noticed me & offered to take us all through the exit so we didn't have to wait in line! We ended up taking the sweet couple through the exit to get directly on three times in a row! The couple was so happy we took them with us. We could've just left them in line but they were so sweet. It is all who you know at WDW. ;)


  1. Wonderful! Thank you for upping the font a little, now I can read all you have to say! ;)

    I am always shocked at how some people behave. I am no angel - I've embarassed myself once or twice before saying things I probably shouldn't have, but when it comes to my children I'm so overprotective I'd have probably had a heart attack first then scolded my daughter second, then been mortified with embarassment third so that my daughter never did such a thing again! LOL* Unfortunately you were also very young when you worked at Disney and people often just treat young people badly at these types of places. Good for you for keeping your cool and doing the right thing.

    I also love the story you shared about helping the sweet couple - I bet you really made their day! :)

    1. I learned a lot of patience & "kill them with kindness" @ WDW for sure. Thanks for reading Valerie! :) ºoº



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