Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Getting Your Family Crest At WDW

My last trip to WDW I realized they replaced the old chess gift shop in England at Epcot  with a gift shop where you can look through a binder to find your last name.It is across the street from the fish & chips stand. If you find your last name the CM will pull up a picture on the computer to show you the story & family crest. You can also get this done at the Raglan Road gift shop in Downtown Disney. You can get just the print out on one piece of paper of the crest & story or get different variations of it nicely framed. You can also get a nice size frame with crest on one page & the story on the other like I did. For Christmas this past year I got my dad the print out and framed it myself. The print out cost $30ish & they put in a sturdy poster carrier for you. I bought the larger frame for myself & it was around $120. They also have a version where you can link yourself & your spouse in the same frame but since it is a huge frame it costs over $250! Mine took about six weeks to be delivered & looks awesome on our mantle. It is really a unique & easy gift to get someone. I have a unique maiden name so was surprised to find it in the book so take a look next time you are at WDW!


  1. Where is this done at, other than DTD??

    1. You can also get it done in Englad in Epcot gift shop across the street from the fish & chips stand

    2. Awesome! Thanks for posting! Any other fun ideas? We are going this September & January (19th and 20th trip for me) and I feel we have "worn" out some of the typical things to do!

    3. Try new restaurants?
      Make a game out of finding hidden mickeys
      Drink or eat around the world in epcot
      Hotel hopping is always fun for me.DAK has a great night vision viewing program :)
      Take funny pics when you get bored :)
      Get ADR for a place inside park before it opens so u can get good pics! :)



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