Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Life as a Quick Service Intern...

My geeky Costume :)

I was so ecstatic to be accepted to the WDWCP ( Walt Disney World College Program) I didn't care what job I had. I was a hotel management major in college.I ended up getting Quick Service at the  All-Star Music Resort. They have the most hideous costumes. My roommate laughed at my get up almost everyday when I left for work! LOL. It was great to be in AC all day! I was one of the lucky ones out of the heat. I normally worked 11-7. The ASM resort is split into a food court. When I was there in 1999 it was a Bakery,BBQ,Deli, Pizza/Grill stations. I normally worked in the bakery or BBQ areas. I hated working in the pizza shop. It was SO hot & stressful in there. Once I was working at the bakery & a guest asked me to put "jimmies" on his ice cream. I looked at him like he had three heads & he said "sprinkles!" HAH. You learn a lot of slang from all over the country let me tell you. :) Guests would always tell me I looked like Alicia Silverstone or Meg Ryan. I never really saw those it though? We were a tight knit CP (college Program) group. I still keep in contact with the two girls I worked with along with one of my managers.They were all very sweet people who worked there & I miss them all! Your job is what you make of it so don't fret if you get placed in QSM. You will make lifetime friends! I'm better friends with people who I met at Disney than from high school or college.

My fellow CP'er friend named Joe from Puerto Rico.

My mom in front of "M" at ASM resort while visiting me.


  1. I'm terribly interested in what you have to write about but the print is really small and hard to read!! :) Look forward to hearing more about your trips and experiences at Dsiney. :)

  2. Thank you for the note! After I got back from vacation the font changed on its own but I just fixed it. Thank you hunny :)



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