Monday, July 9, 2012

Cast Members NEVER say They don't know....

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Do you ever wonder where to go when you have a simple or odd Disney question? You can ask a cast member a question or they have these little kiosks set-up all over property so if a CM cannot answer the question they can just call the hotline to get an answer for you. The only odd question I got from a guest was if Eeyore is a boy or girl but I guess that really isn't an odd question? Most people quizzed us on Walt's birthday & death dates or facts about attractions we worked at. We had extensive training program. I had to learn all the plots,characters for Snow White,Pooh,Alice in Wonderland,Ariel,&Dumbo. I got asked what the name of the mouse was at Dumbo & also the mouse's name at Tea Cups. Without cheating do you know the answers? :)

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