Tuesday, July 31, 2012

T-Rex Downtown Disney Review...

On our last trip Monika begged me to give T-Rex a shot for a late lunch. I thought it was a place for just kids but I was wrong. We were a walk-in reservation. We ordered 2 beers & they came to us in these huge frozen goblets!  The bar area was really cool with a rather large aquarium. We ate in the main dining area & there was an awesome ice cave room behind us. Every so often the mechanical dinosaurs would go off & the ice room would "shake" & light up. It was pretty cool!

I did not expect to find my favorite beer here plus in a HUGE goblet!

I got the chicken fried steak which was awesome while Monika got a burger. I wasn't expecting much but it was really good as was hers! It is very loud in the restaurant & some of the booths are next to the dinosaurs so beware of that if you have smaller children who would be afraid. Overall we loved it & would definitely go back!


  1. Is there where Rainforest Cafe used to be in Downtwon Disney?? I didn't realize it had been changed!

    1. I think Rain Forest Cafe is still there as well. No worries Kristen ;)

  2. yes Rainforest Cafe is still there. There is a T-Rex too in Downtown Disney



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