Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Phrases Of The Magic Kingdom...

The training my first week as a CM was great. I got a behind the scenes tour of Space Mt, Haunted Mansion & a lot of other attractions. They gave us different phrases to say depending on which "land" you worked in. I worked in FantasyLand so we used words like Princess, whistle while you work & so on... I took pictures with a lot of sweetheart kids too. I had to memorize all the fire exits, locations on all fire extinguishers, spiels for all rides as well as emergency spiels, emergency evacuation procedures, on top of knowing all the plots,characters inside & out. It isn't just all fun & games.;) I needed an extra day of training to get it all down & actually had to study! I'm glad I did in the long run because that saved me later in the semester. I worked in a rotation of: Pooh ride, Meeting Ariel, Dumbo, Tea Cups, & Snow white's Scary Adventure RIP :( Plus we had other duties like sweeping,creating magical moments, & stroller duty was a HUGE one! Stroller duty was never a dull job ever! I'm glad I took the extra day of training because when I was working at the loading zone at Snow white it suddenly broke down for no reason. The other CP working the panel didn't know what to do so I took control & got the ride up & running within two minutes & made an announcement for guests to stay seated. :) Everyone clapped for me too it was great HAHA Awwww I miss the little things of my internship.

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