Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Top Ten Questions Cast Member Questions...

When people find out that I used to be a CM they tend to ask me a lot of questions. Be it co-workers or just random strangers. I thought I'd do a Q&A section of those questions. :)

1) Do you still get a discount? -Unfortunately no. All of my friends have moved on from working for the mouse. :) 

2) Did you ever get to see the tunnels? -Yes, I worked at MK & got to walk in them ever day. :) 

3) Are there tunnels under Epcot?- I know Epcot has a small tunnel underground one part of that park that I saw before but only once. :) 

4) Did you ever get homesick?- Working at WDW was actually my first time away from home. My mom used to mail me letters & boxes with mac & cheese,peanut butter,Captain Crunch etc... Whenever I felt homesick I would go to MK & ride Space Mt. then go see Mickey & that always cheered me up immediately! :)

5) Did you ever interact with adult guests at WDW? Some new guy at work asked me this & it confused me. Yes, WDW is for kids but a lot of adult guests go there w/o children as well. Of course I interacted with everyone be it child or adult. I loved meeting people from all over the world. He told me he thought it was weird when he saw CM's interacting with adults when he was there recently... It was his first time there so I'll give him some slack for asking it :) 

6)Is Vista Way a 24/7 party?- Yes, a million times yes! Living at VW was the best time of my life & I made life long friends there.

7) Did anyone get terminated that you knew?-My friend Kris got terminated for having an AMAZING party at VW. I'll blog about it another time. :) My neighbor's friend got terminated for getting caught trying to steal a little figurine from the World of Disney. How dumb was that?! 

8)Where did the interns go to have fun besides the parks?- Thursday nights were free to CM's at Pleasure Island. This was back in the day when PI was actually busy & fun! We had so much fun dancing & drinking. I remember the days of getting those jello shots in syringes or doing shots down the ice luge! It is so sad to see PI closed.

9)When was your first visit to Disney?- I was born in Orange County,CA so I grew up going to DL all the time. My first time to WDW wasn't until I was in 8th grade for spring break.

10)Did you "know" Mickey Mouse.- I lived next door to Mickey. :) 

Please feel free to comment or email me more questions & I'd love to answer more questions for anyone. :) 

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