Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Main Street Bakery Cinnamon Roll Review...

This was my first time ever trying the cinnamon roll. I am a HUGE donut/cinnamon roll fan to start off with. Donuts are actually my nemesis.How did I NEVER hear of these things before? I made hubby go here one morning for breakfast. We stood in a long line. Three people before me ran out of cinnamon rolls but 30 seconds later they had a fresh hot new tray to serve. I was so excited to try this. Everyone on disboards had hyped this up to be the most amazing snack ever.....

I cut the roll in half to split with my hubby. After my first bite it was pure disappointment. I'm not sure what I anticipated it to taste like but I can get a better cinnamon roll (coffee roll) at 7-11 honestly. Being a huge donut person I was sad. I had a big list of goodies to try & this one just didn't make the mark. It really wasn't sweet at all or taste like a cinnamon roll really. Am I alone in this?

Has anyone else felt the same way about these??? I hope to try the banana pudding there next trip!

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