Thursday, May 2, 2013

Vista Way Friends...

It has been 13 years since I worked at WDW but I have still maintained some of the friendships I made down there. It is something you cannot  explain to someone. No one will ever know what it was like except another College Programmer. :) That is why you learn to keep the real friendships you created while on your college program.

In 1999 I met Monika who worked at the Camera Center. She has visited me in WV a few times & we went to WDW together in 2011. I am going to visit her this August to the Jersey Shore! I have never been before so am very excited!

One day the VW bus broke down on the way to the parks. I'm in the blue heart top & Monika is in the pink tank top & Rachel is standing behind me in the sunglasses :)

Me & Monika at Epcot in November 2011

In 1999 I met Rachel who was one of my Vista Way roomates. We were very close & spent most of our days off with each other exploring the parks. It never got old! I went to go visit her when she lived in SLC Utah & we went to Las Vegas together quite a few years ago. I just saw her at WDW in October 2012 when we met up with our husbands. We had such a fun time together! We plans to visit them again in the next few years.

Rachel working Toy Tower in DTD in 1999 ;)
October 2012

I went back to live at Vista Way in Spring 2000. I didn't really click with any of my roommates that year. They are nice girls we just had different work schedules & I didn't hang out with them very much. I spent most of my time with Joe. Joe was a lifeguard at Blizzard Beach.We both had off Monday & Tuesdays so would venture off to the parks together every week.I would always go down to visit Joe & Paul almost every year for a few days if I could from VA. We had a lot of good times on my visits. I went to Joe's wedding a few years ago & was so happy to attend the wedding! They recently had a baby & I'm so happy for them!

Me & Joe at Ariel's Grotto in 2000

Karl lived with Joe & is actually his brother's best friend. Karl was 30 when we did our DCP but was always a good friend to everyone. Karl had the honor of being a monorail pilot on his program as well as one of my roommates. I still talk to him from time to time but he is busy being a NYC cop! It is really hard for him to get off of work but hopefully I'll see him again soon! I got to sit next to him at Joe's wedding & we hung out the next day at Epcot like old times. I really miss those guys!!!

Kate & Karl 2000

Kate & Karl 2009

I love you guys!!!!!

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