Thursday, May 30, 2013

Dealing With Rain at WDW

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No one ever wants rain to ruin their vacation especially at WDW. I have been to WDW many many times & this was the first time I ever had to deal with the rain. For most of the week it was okay. We bought ponchos for $11 I believe each. I wanted to see Illuminations really bad & my husband never saw it before so it was my mission to get them. They look like the ones from picture above. I didn't think Illumination was worth the wait but I remember it back in 1999. They changed it since then. :( We were dumb & didn't bring the ponchos to Fantasmic the next night so we had to buy a Planet Hollywood Umbrella.....HAH Fantasmic was SO worth it! It is by far my favorite show at WDW besides MK Fireworks. 

It POURED our last day at WDW. It was pouring so bad my hubby & I were stranded in a bathroom near Norway in Epcot for 30-40 minutes. We had Mickey's Halloween Party to go to that night so shopped at Mouse Gear a bit & went to MK a little early to change into our costumes & what not. Basically you have to be prepared & bring ponchos or love the rain. :) Luckily the rain cleared up as soon as we got to MK & never started again. Maybe the rain was just at Epcot? It POURED the night of our Spirit of Aloha show but they still had it but it was a terrible experience... It was a VERY COLD rain too. I don't wish rain on anyones WDW Vacation! Be smart & go to Dollar Store before your trip for ponchos.

Normally the lines are a lot lighter during the rain. They only shut down outside rides if there is lightning. I wish everyone weather luck on their next trip! We were there in October. Never again! Too hot & humid for me. I will stick to November or December! 

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Drain in Epcot near Mouse Gear 

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