Thursday, May 23, 2013

Disney Room Ideas...

When I got home from my Disney College Program I was SO depressed! I missed all of my friends & Disney. My mom was very sweet & redecorated my room while I was away one day. She did this all herself & by hand. My mom is a great artist & decorator. She gets bored w/ rooms quickly & redecorates here house every few years.

Above is my MICKEY license plate that I now have on my car, Graduation ears, Pooh, Dumbo, & some other Disney stuff I got while I was down there.

My mom painted this cabinet in my room for me as well! I am a bit obsessed with Mickey so I can never say "no" to anything Mickey!

Mickey is saying " That is what I'm Talking about" This was around the same time Seinfeld was popular & my mom said that phrase A LOT. I think it was Seinfeld but maybe it was a different show? HAHA

Whenever we have kids I hope to have my mom paint us Mickey's in that room too! :)

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My parents & I on my wedding day

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