Monday, May 13, 2013

Biergarten at Epcot Review...

I was always afraid to try this place when I was on the Disney College Program. I hate sauerkraut & sausages personally. My husband & one of my best friends were born in Germany so I have been both times with each of them. I was pleasantly surprised how great all of the food was! You first check in at a podium outside of the restaurant. You do have to SHARE a large picnic table style seating area. The first time Monika & I sat with a nice family. The second time I went my hubby & I sat with 2 different groups. One was a family & there was another couple that we chatted with from NYC. We are pretty open & friendly people so it wasn't a big deal for us. If you are wary of those kind of interactions this might not be the best place for you. The show is SO fun & festive! It is like you are at Oktoberfest yourself. The first time I went one of the guys in band was a dead ringer for my brother's doppleganger!;)

The beers here are amazing! My hubby enjoyed a Hovell's while I had Schofferhofer Weizen. Find out how I got Biergarten beers delivered to my house for Xmas!


The food ranges from baked chicken,pork schnitzel(AMAZING!),homemade applesauce,pretzel bread,salmon,mac & cheese etc....My favorite for the dinner section was the applesauce & pork schnitzel along w/ the cauliflower soup. If anyone has the soup recipe please send it to me! I searched high & low & cannot seem to find the recipe anywhere!

This cauliflower soup is AMAZING! 
The desserts were to die for! The vanilla pudding was by far my favorite one. I tried to find this recipe as well with no luck. If anyone has it I would love it! :) The below desserts are: Bavarian cheesecake,Vanilla pudding, & raspberry concoction. I didn't care for the cheesecake personally. The winner was the pudding for sure!

If you love to sing & dance with some great food & beers this is the place for you! If you don't like loud places this isnt a good choice for your party. We will be back for sure!

Everyone always raves about the apple strudel but I wasn't really that impressed? I'm not a huge fried apple sweets person though so that might be why. My hubby was happy to eat the rest of mine & his of course. :)

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