Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Top 5 Cool Treats at Disney....

Top 5 Cool Treats at Disney

Honorable mention to my favorite cool treat :PeachTree Punch at the Brown Derby ;) 

5) I stood in line for 15 minutes to get a taste of this. I am talking about the refreshing strawberry banana smoothie at the KRNR Food truck at Disney's Hollywood Studios! For a full review on the cart & experience go here: 

4) You know I'm going to suggest the famous PBJ shake at PrimeTime 50's at Disney's Hollywood Studios. You don't need a reservation in order to get this. You can order at the Tune In Lounge Bar. They will even give you a to-go cup! For a detailed review on our experience at Primetime 50's click here: 

3) Who has ever seen a picture of the HUGE homemade cookie ice cream sandwich from Magic Kingdom & didn't want to try one?! You can get these at Sleepy Hollow or the Main Street Ice Cream Parlor. For a detailed review on this please click here: 

2) This was a VERY hard decision. My beloved Storybook Treats Sundae is one of my favorites. It is the one thing I always have to have on a trip. If you love soft serve sundaes with decadent toppings this place is for you! Here is a review on Storybook Treats. P.S. It is worth standing in line for!!!

1) What may you ask beat out my beloved Storybook Treats Sundae? Drumroll Please............ You cannot understand my love for this unless you try it for yourself. Unfortunately you can only get this by getting a reservation at Via Napoli. Luckily snagging an ADR here is pretty easy. I am talking about no there than the pistachio gelato!!! The gelato here is homemade everyday! It is way better than any ice cream I've ever tried! Give it a shot. Click here for my detailed review on Via Napoli: 

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  1. yummy!!! thanks for the heads up about the gelato! i love this stuff!



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