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Disney Intern Life: Working Disney's Magic Kingdom Parade Control ...

Disney Intern: Working Disney's Magic Kingdom Parade...

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Every now & then I would be asked to work Overtime to help out with PAC. ( Parade Audience Control) I wasn't the biggest fan of this role. The guests didn't really listen & I would have to repeat myself several times to the same groups of people. PLEASE listen to directions that Cast Member's give you. It is all for your safety! Do you remember the trees with little fences/planters around them that used to be near the HUB? People would always try to stand inside of them& I would have to tell several people to find a new viewing location.

It can be very draining to say the same things over & over with a smile to upset guests. We would have to rope off certain areas & I could hear guests mumbling profanities at me under their breath. I never got mad to the point of being rude thank heavens! I only worked Over Time a few times because of the environment. I couldn't handle the madness of the parade & give HUGE props to that crew of Cast Members! They put up with a lot & need to be rewarded more! Working in Fantasyland was nothing compared to working the parade!  

My costume consisted of navy slacks, white short sleeve button down with a Magic Kingdom vest & matching bowtie.  The costume for PAC now it is much better than what I had in the 90's. ;)

Please feel free to send me any questions that you have. Thank you!

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