Friday, June 5, 2015

Disney VANS New Shoe Collection & Haul...

Disney VANS New Shoe Collection & Haul...

Today is June 5th so that means VANS & Journey's have released their new Disney shoe VANS collection! I got to the mall as soon as they opened. ;) My VANS store had a HUGE display as soon as you walked into the store with the display racks of shoes, plus tables of Disney socks, shirts,backpacks,& more. 

I immediately grabbed the Donald Duck & Princess adult shoes to try on. The guy was SUPER friendly & helpful. He mentioned to me that these just came out today & I told him I knew ;) I bought these shoes at the Dulles Town Center Mall in Sterling, Virginia. 

If you were a teenager in the 90's odds are that you had at least one pair of VANS. I probably had at least 3 or 4 pair of VANs growing up. I love Disney & I love VANS so it makes sense that I would love these! The size 9 fit me PERFECTLY! If you have a wider foot these might not be for you. These shoes are $60 each pair since they are Limited Edition. I found 2 pair at my VANS store & the other pair I wanted at Journey's.

Beautiful boxes that I will NOT throw away or recycle! 

The shoes are wrapped not in tissue paper but nice plastic sheets with Disney characters printed on them! They think of everything! The sales guy at VANS told me that Disney printed a hidden Mickey on the shoes as well. ;) 

I think you can only find the Villains VANS shoes at Journey's in store. That store was the COMPLETE opposite of VANS. There was absolutely NO signage of the new Disney Shoe collection anywhere in the store. They actually had the Disney collection behind the counter put away where you couldn't even see them?! The sales guy saw my see-thru VANS bag of 2 boxes of Disney shoes & told me he had some. The only kind my Journey's had was the Princess shoes I got, some colorful Fab Five ones I wasn't that into & the Villains shoes I had to have! For as much marketing Journey's put out online about having the Disney Collection I was a bit shocked of the lack of advertising in my store. 

You can order the VANS Disney Collection online at: 

Please feel free to send me any questions that you have. Thank you!

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  1. omg i feel like im going to be so broke after this. I kinda want the princess one and the minnie one and maybe the ariel too? oh not to mention winnie the pooh



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