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Disney College Program: Homesickness

Disney College Program: Homesickness

Doing the Walt Disney World College Program was my first time away from home. I never spent more than 2 weeks away from my parents in my life. I'm not going to lie it was HARD! The first month I lost 10-15 lbs. because I was so homesick & anxious all of the time. I didn't have to meet new people, make new friends, have a new job in a VERY long time. I called my mom so much she told me to stop calling & when I stopped she called me & got mad that I stopped calling?! haha ;) She sent me care packages a lot though which was nice.

If you were accepted into the WDWCP & are worried about this let me give you some advice. DO NOT GO HOME! No matter how homesick you are missing your friends & family don't do it. Yes, it is hard but you become stronger going through these kind of life altering events. I used to be DEATHLY shy it was unbearable! After working at WDW I can safely say it gave me great confidence & skills to help me in my life. I wouldn't take back any of it. I wouldn't be where I am today without Disney. 

Whenever I got really sad & homesick I would go to Magic Kingdom to ride Space Mountain & to ToonTown to visit Mickey Mouse. After I went there I ALWAYS felt a million times better. You just need to find that "thing" that makes you happy to cheer you up be it an attraction, restaurant, or something else. 

After you get to know people be it co-workers or roommates/neighbors some of them will become lifelong friends. I interned at WDW back in 1999 & 2000. I still talk to at least 15 people if not more who I knew while living in Florida. 

Sadly the guy on my friend's back in the above picture died quite a few years ago. Please keep in touch with your friends you met at Disney. Only another WDWCP Alumni can understand the experience as well as the withdrawal after getting home. We are family. Anytime I meet another WDWCP Alumni we have a bond no one else could understand. 

One of my friends ended up leaving the program after her boyfriend came to visit her at Vista Way. She made up a lie that she had mono & had to leave but we knew the truth. She just couldn't handle being away from her family & friends & quit. 

Please don't be a quitter you will thank me later. :)

Please feel free to send me any questions that you have. Thank you!

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