Saturday, June 28, 2014

WDW Top 5 Unique Dining Experience

When you are on vacation you don't want to do the same old thing right? These are my top 5 picks for a Unique Dining Experience at WDW: 

1) PrimeTime 50's Diner-  I was always too afraid to dine here because I heard about all of their antics. I've been twice & we love it! I love everything from the decor, food, attitude & on top of that it is a fun atmosphere. Here are my pictures/review of our experience here: 

AMAZING band from Biergarten!!!

2) Biergarten-  This is probably one of our favorite places to eat!  You get to see a show & the food goes from plain to authentic German eats. I'm a very picky eater & found a lot of great things to eat here. Be warned that you do sit on communal picnic tables with other guests. We have never had issues w/ the people we sat with. Try the vanilla pudding here !!! Here are my review/pictures:

3)Cinderella's Royal Table- Even as an all adult party you will have to dine here at least one time in your life. We ate here for breakfast & it was amazing! The view is great & you get to meet all of the princesses in one location. It is worth the price if you have princess obsessed daughters. Then it saves you time later for not waiting in line to meet them. You also get a photo with Cinderella as part of the price of the meal. Here are my review/pics:

Pic courtesy of

4) T-Rex-  This is a great place to take any dinosaur loving kid. Be warned the animatronics can be loud & scary to small kids. We went as an all adult party & thought the food,beer, & atmosphere were awesome. I never would've gone here in the past but am glad my friend forced me into it. ;) I will go again for sure! My review/pics:

Pic courtesy of

5) We ate dinner here a few years ago & loved it. They have a LOUD and fun atmosphere. Who wouldn't love bottomless milkshakes that let you change up the flavor?!  They play games with the kids & do cool stuff for adults too. We ate here for our anniversary & they gave us two glasses of champagne with strawberies. They made us kiss in front of the entire restaurant until she counted to 10 SLOWWWWWWWWWWWWW. It was a magical moment for us. Remember to ask for the ketchup...... 

This is located at Wilderness Lodge hotel near Whispering Canyon

Please feel free to ask any questions!

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