Sunday, March 17, 2013

Cinderella's Royal Table Breakfast Review...

This was my first time dining here. We were an adult party of four & we had reservations for 8:20am before the park opened.We had no issues getting into the Magic Kingdom.

We got some great pictures that day! Here is a link to our story & pictures from before the park opening:

We checked into a desk and had to wait a few minutes before they would let us i. I bought a PhotoPass Plus so we got all of the digital copies that our group took with Cinderella. Before you walk upstairs you take some photos with Cinderella & it is included in your package.

Cute window as you first walk inside.

View from upstairs of Cinderella meeting guests

We were seated & I loved the ambiance of the room. From where we were sitting I could see the Golden Carousel!

Menu from October 2012 
Menu Cover

Our waiter took our drink order & returned with a pastry platter & drinks. We got to choose from six different options. The ladies chose the French Toast & the guys chose the Steak & eggs. The breakfast was by far my favorite our entire stay.I would go back for the french toast in a heartbeat but it was a bit pricey at $50.
Steak & Eggs ( the potatoes were SO good I stole a few from hubby)

French Toast w/ raspberry sauce! Mmmmmmm

The princesses that stood out to us were Belle & Sleeping Beauty. My hubby has a beard & Belle asked if I like Beasts too? My hubby found it hilarious. Sleeping beauty is my favorite princess & she didn't let me down. Snow White was kind of blah but Belle made up for it. :)

We were there an hour & half or so. In all honesty we didn't see our waiter very much but our glasses never got empty either.I would go back for the breakfast for sure. It was on my Disney Bucket List & I'm glad I tried it. If you don't have a daughter or think a breakfast is worth $50 then this isn't the place for you.... It is a once in a lifetime treat though for anyone who has it on their Disney Bucket List! ;)

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  1. Hello, quick it all you care to eat there?

    1. Yes, it is all you care to eat. With the pastry tray and our selection it was more than enough food. Just ask for more if you need more. No worries!



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