Saturday, March 9, 2013

What Discontinued Disney Food Do You Miss Most???

We all know things change from time to time at Disney like the food. Restaurants come & go (RIP Alfredo's!) I was disappointed to find out the Manicotti at Tutto Italia was no longer on the menu. I had it in November 2011. I went back in October 2012 & cancelled my reservation just because of that. My husband wanted to try Biergarten anyway so it  was ok. It was the most mouth watering Manicotti I've ever had. I finished the whole plate! I even let my friend taste mine & she agreed it was great.

The Confectionary & Candy Cauldron also used to make Mickey Turtles in Small,Medium,&Large sizes. They were my FAVORITE candy while I lived in FL. Sadly they do not make them anymore. I always check to see if they brought them back but alas that hasn't happened yet. :( I do not have a picture of them sadly. I just remember they were AMAZING! At least I can get a great salted caramel while in Germany to replace it.

What food and/or restaurants do you miss?
The Famous Salted Caramel from Germany 

Tutto Italia dc'ed Manicotti

Enjoying a bellini in Italy 

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