Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Has Working For the Mouse Killed the Disney Magic For Me???

I get this question quite a lot from friends & co-workers. The answer is absolutely not! I enjoyed creating magical moments for families on their vacations. I would always go out of my way to ask if they wanted me to take their picture. If I saw a kid drop an ice cream or popcorn I would simply just ask a Cast Member to get a new one & hand to guest without them even having to ask. That is the kind of service Disney is known for. I would also randomly select families to go through the exit on Tea Cups,Dumbo,Or Pooh Ride with no line wait! You should see the children's faces when I did that. It always makes you feel good to know your efforts are appreciated & you can make a memory for their trip they will remember forever. When I go back now with my husband I never expect any cast member to go over & beyond for us but when it happens it is always nice. :)

Does anyone have a special memory of a cast member at Disney???

Me working at Pooh ride in Spring 2000
Me inside one of the scenes at Pooh Ride 


  1. You were making the magic! I have experienced many such instances myself- (though more in earlier days.) :)



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