Thursday, March 21, 2013

Did You Pre-Order Disney Infinity Game?!

Is anyone else excited for the new Disney video game coming out in August 2013? I pre-ordered mine last week from Gamestop. It is offered on Wii,WiiU,Xbox360,Playstation, & Nintendo3DS. I ordered mine last week the first day that you could order. :)

FLASHBACK: Does anyone else remember the online game Virtual Magic Kingdom? I used to play that for HOURS!!! I miss it so much. I was SOOOOOO sad when they disabled it.Hopefully the new Disney game can fill that void for me. Ha-ha Did anyone else ever play VMK?!

PS- I found this website where you can go in the old VMK game & look at the scenes & what not but what fun is it if you cannot play?

Old scene from

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