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Be Our Guest Lunch Review...

Be Our Guest Lunch Review...

This was my first time ever dining at Be Our Guest. We stayed at the French Quarter resort so got an email about 22ish days before our trip to make a reservation through FastPass Plus. We could either select our meal then or wait until we got there. 

We checked in about 20 minutes early & the cast member told us to go inside to wait in line. Our reservation was for 12:00pm. Even though we pre-ordered our whole meal we still had to stand in the line in the hallway where the suits of armor are. It took us about 20ish minutes to get through the line to the area with the pay screens. You will verify what you ordered by scanning your Magic Band. It does give you the option to split payment because we used that option. Cast Members were everywhere to help you if you got confused anytime using the system. 

Pre-Pay Stations

Screens in Suit of armor Hallway w/ Menus on screens

After we paid we were lead to a dining room. We were lucky & found a table in the Ballroom area. It was beyond beautiful BUT loud in there! 

When we found a table we asked a cast member how our food would find us & all she said was "magic" & winked at us. We were amazed when our food arrived to us about 25 minutes later. At one point I got up to use the restroom & saw a device that looked like an iPhone on the side of one of the carts & it had a GPS on it?! So apparently the Magic Bands have GPS in them? I guess that is good for Lost Children etc....We got our whole order at once. I ordered the soup, turkey sandwich, & grey stuff cupcake. Rachel ordered the braised pork. We took turns guarding our table while the other got their drink & silverware. The silverware was all the way over on the other side of room & hard to find. That is my only thing I thought that was confusing. 

Soda Area

 They bring your meals out on these large carts. It was so cool! I've never been to a place that did that before. :)

I was worried that I would not like the sauce on my turkey sandwich. I am a VERY picky eater! I absolutely LOVED my sandwich! I would order it again in a heartbeat. I believe they make the bread fresh here as well? The Potato Leek soup was excellent! I was on the fence about getting the soup but am glad I did. The only thing I really disliked was the french fries that came with my meal. I didn't think that they tasted good at all but didn't eat many of them. My soup was more than enough for a side. 

Inside the turkey sandwich 

Rachel let me try her braised pork & it was SO tender! I highly recommend that dish especially since it is half the price at lunch. 
Braised Pork

Grey Stuff Cupcake

Now on to dessert! This was my first time ever trying the "real" grey stuff. I have made a knock off recipe many times at home. 

I actually prefer the homemade recipe Grey Stuff over the actual Be Our Guest one. I didn't think it was quite as flavorful. Don't get me wrong I liked it......it just wasn't as good as the homemade version. 

All in all I think this is a GREAT quick service addition to the Magic Kingdom Park! You can now book an ADR here for lunch.I hope it won't be hard to get into for my next trip! Good luck to everyone getting reservations for lunch or dinner! 

Here is a video of the inside of the restaurant. 

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  1. That's "quick" service??? :)

  2. They don't use GPS to find you, its a little simpler than that. Magic Bands have a battery in them and it broadcasts your ID number over a short distance. The tables have a reader in them, so once you settle at a table, your MagicBand ID is linked to the table number and they know where you are sat. Outside they probably won't be able to locate a lost child as the range of transmitting from the bands isn't far enough.
    This is how they get the on-ride photos added to memory maker though, as you are on the ride, a sensor picks up the signal from the band so it knows which accounts to add which photo to.



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