Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Magic Kingdom Phone Charging Stations

Magic Kingdom Phone Charging Stations

My iPhone used a lotttttttt of battery juice while in the parks. I carried my charger with me in case I found an open outlet & I came across this area in New Fantasyland. This phone charging lounge area can be found behind the Big Top Souvenir Store. It is a tented area with 6 or so lounge areas. 

You do have to supply your own charger cable. This area was basically empty on the day I was here. It was nice to sit down & relax for awhile.

 I had really bad feet swelling this trip & I've never had this bad of an issue before. It got so bad that my legs were itching up to my knees w/ a rash?!!!! I guess I'm getting old...... I had to rest an hour & half until my feet felt a little better. It was a nice relaxing spot with a nice view at least. 

I heard a rumor that the rocks over by the Tangled Restrooms by the edge of Fantasyland & Frontierland have USB ports built into the rocks. I didn't have time to test this theory unfortunately. 

Have you found any new USB ports or chargers in the parks lately???


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