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Disney's Restaurantosaurus Review & Pics...

Disney's Restaurantosaurus Review & Pics...

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This was my very first time eating here. I normally don't spend a lot of time at Disney's Animal Kingdom but this day we did. We were beyond starving walking around looking for food & decided on this place. This place is a lot nicer than I thought it'd be. I'm not sure why I didn't think it'd be nice? Maybe just because I was never inside before? There are many lines so your waiting time shouldn't be that bad plus you get to sit in air conditioning! 

The menu ranges from burgers, chicken nuggets, gigantic salad, & hot dogs.

I was tempted to just order a burger BUT I wanted to try something new & different. My friend & her dad ordered the burger which looked amazing by the way & I ordered the hot dog with macaroni & cheese on top! Yes, I said mac & cheese on top of your hot dog! 

They said that their burger was very good & I believe it! People were walking by with these HUGEEEEE Salads that looked tasty as well! 

The hot dog was HUGE! Two people could easily share this. The bun is so large & they toast it so it is crunchy & it hardly fit in my mouth! This is INCREDIBLY rich & filling. I probably only ate half of it because it was sooooooo rich!

The atmosphere of this place was really cool. There were two different soda machines plus many tables to choose from. There was also seating outside but it was way too hot on this particular day. If you have picky eaters this is a great place to stop at plus it has the AC! 

Next time I eat here I plan to try the burger. :) 

Please feel free to send me any questions that you have. Thank you!

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