Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Disney's Festival of Fantasy Parade Review & Pics

Disney's Festival of Fantasy Parade Review & Pics 

I'm normally not a huge Parade fan but I saw a few pictures online that made me intrigued to see this one. I set up camp by the trash can outside of Starbucks while I ate my ice cream cookie sandwich & enjoyed the parade. ;) 

If you are a person who normally doesn't like parades like me then this one is for you! I thoroughly enjoyed every float & appreciated all of the dancers, their makeup, & costumes. 

I love the attention to detail w/ makeup & costume!!!!

I think Ariel was the best at giving both sides of the street great pictures. Some of the characters mostly focused on the other side of street so it was hard to get good pics.

The only thing missing from this parade was my FAVORITE Princess Aurora!

This is even more amazing in person! 

The cast members at the end of the parade made it special for me. EVERY single one of them told me Happy Birthday! It truly was a once in a lifetime experience! 

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  1. We saw the Festival of Fantasy Parade for the first time in November and we loved it! The colors, costumes, songs, everything about the parade is awesome!! :D Great post!



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