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Disney's Main Street Bakery Banana Bread Pudding Recipe...

Disney's Main Street Bakery Banana Bread Pudding Recipe...

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Remember the good ole days when you could sit back & eat in the Main Street Bakery with an array of baked goods? Those days are far gone but we can recreate one of Main Street Bakery's most popular treats at home. I always had this on my to try list but never had the chance. I'm SO happy I found the recipe online!!!! 

I haven't been this impressed by a Disney dessert recipe in awhile. This whole recipe was written in ounces so I had to convert it all. That tells you right there how serious I was on making this!!! Banana pudding is one of my favorite desserts. This is time consuming to make but WELL worth the wait! 


Yield 12 servings cups (Jumbo muffin pan used)

2 lb. Banana Bread, Cubed (recipe below)
3 C. Milk
3 ea. Eggs, Whole
2 T . Bananas, Peeled and Pureed
½ c  . Sugar, Granulated
1 TB. Vanilla
1 t Cinnamon, 
1t Ground Nutmeg

Custard base In mixing container, combine all ingredients except cubed banana bread
to form custard base. Spray muffin pan/forms with quick release spray.
Fill each round/form with enough cubed banana bread to be level with top
of form. Pour custard base into each round/form to cover/soak the
banana bread cubes. Cook in oven at 325 F until custard base sets.
Chill pans/forms, then remove pudding rounds for service.

Banana Bread Recipe
Yield 3 lbs.
1 ¾ c oz. Flour
¾ c. Sugar, Granulated
I TB. Baking Powder
1 TB. Cinnamon, Ground
2 Eggs, Whole
½ c Butter, Unsalted
3 Cups Bananas, Peeled and Pureed
1 TB . Vanilla extract
Pinch Salt, Kosher 

In mixer combine dry ingredients and blend well, in separate container
blend wet ingredients till combined, then slowly add to dry ingredients
in mixer with paddle attachment moving. Spray baking pans/forms with
quick release spray, and fill with batter. Cook in oven at 325 F until
an inserted toothpick in bread comes out dry. Remove from oven and pans
and cool. 

This attachment SAVED me soon much time! 

All I did was throw a bunch of bananas into my food processor until I had the correct amount & pureed them. The picture above is after Step one in blending everything together in my mixer.

I split the mix into 2 love pans & baked at 350 for 20 minutes or so. You just have to keep an eye on your banana bread. ( I baked it at 350 instead of 325. Personal choice) 

After cooling I cut the bread up into cubes. I had a little bit of a loaf left over so score for leftovers!


The picture below is just everything from step 2 mixed well in a bowl with a fork. Easy peasy! 

Place cubed banana bread in jumbo muffin trays. I filled 2 trays & got 12 cups total out of this recipe. 

Filled with Custard base

I baked these at 325 for 15 minutes or so


Melt in your mouth goodness! You gotta taste it to believe it!

This took me about 3 hours from start to finish but it was well worth it. I plan to make this again in the summer time when we have a craving for banana bread pudding! 

Please feel free to send me any questions that you have. Thank you!

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