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My Magic band/Fastpass Plus Experience...

We booked our trip a little over month in advance. The picture above is what your magic bands will look like depending on the color that you selected.

I didn't have to use my magic band until checking into the hotel AKA French quarter. We gave the front desk girl both our bands, dropped off our stuff & went directly to DTD. Coming back from DTD we noticed that Rachel's band didn't work to our room. We ate dinner in the food court so decided to get her band fixed. It took the front desk guy about 15 minutes to fix it & after that she was good to go.

Pic courtesy of  Magic band Paying center at register example 

Pic courtesy of touring

I loveddddddd using my Magic band to pay for stuff! You give them a credit card to link to your band for your trip at check-in. I mostly used the magic band to pay for snacks & half of my souvenirs. It was SO easy to use & I got addicted fast! I didn't think I'd like it as much as I did. :) You just place your magic band Mickey to Mickey & it will glow green. You create a special pin at check-in in order to use the magic band to pay for things.

I have a small wrist so found it kind of hard to put on the first day. After that I had a system down. You can wear them in the pool w/ no problem. Some of the higher end hotels make you check-in at the pool area w/ your magic band to ensure that you are a guest staying there. The French Quarter pool did not do this. My husband tried on my band & it didn't fit so I'm not sure what we will do when he goes next trip. Anyone know how guys w/ bigger wrists wear these???

Pic courtesy of performance

To enter a park you line up your band Mickey to Mickey & place your pointer finger to save your fingerprint to your magic band. We had ZERO issues with this the entire trip.

Now on to the FastPass Plus portion. It took me 3 weeks to actually get a FP+ for the Mine Train in MK. If you are patient & persistent you will find a FP+ time but must look often. I found earlier in the morning was the best time to check. I was only booking reservations for 2 of us so it wasn't that complicated & we went the week after Labor day after school started as well.

Pic courtesy of undercover

We had no issues with the FP+ reservations that we already made ahead of time. The only day we had an issue was when we went to Animal Kingdom & Magic Kingdom in the same day. We went to an earlier show to see Lion King show at AK than we planned. Saying that we only used 2 of our 3 FP+ at AK. I was under the impression you could book new FP+on the app but it isn't like that. Disney makes you go to a special FP+ kiosk location stand in another line to make new reservations. It was annoying because MK was packed due to it being Extra Magic hours there that night & most of the FP were already gone for that day & the lines were long to upgrade fastpasses. I hope that one day Disney makes it an option to change FP+ from the app as that was the only issue we had the entire trip.

Please feel free to send me any questions that you have about the Magic Bands or Fastpass Plus. Thank you!

Please feel free to ask any questions!

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