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Disney's Magic Kingdom Plaza Restaurant Dinner Review...

Disney's Magic Kingdom Plaza Restaurant Dinner Review...

Our friend Charlotte recently returned from WDW & wrote up a review for us. You can find her Disney blog at: http://runningformickey81.blogspot.com

We had dinner reservations over at The Plaza Restaurant on Friday, February 20th and here is the review on the food and service.

Around 6:15-ish so we headed on over to The Plaza Restaurant to see if we could get seats before our ADR at 6:35pm. Before we got there I had to snap a quick shot of the Castle at Dusk!!! So pretty!!

We then headed on over to The Plaza Restaurant and checked in. They made it known that we were early and there was no guarantee that they could get us in beforehand. By this time we were around 15 minutes early. We were handed a pager and told to go have a seat outside and we would be ready when the pager came started to buzz. I really wanted to come back with a smart butted answer to the girl but I bit my tongue and walked off with the pager. We got to people watch for a few minutes before not too much time had gone by of when the pager went off. I want to say about 5-10 minutes. People watching is always fun at Disney World! It's so funny to see what people are wearing or what they are saying. I do happen to do this while at Walmart too...I may add to the fun too at times!!! :rolleyes1

We handed over our pager and made our way inside. We were seated towards the back where all the windows are and the emergency door is. Great seat to watch the sun setting and to take random pictures of the castle..like this one. 

So we got the menu and ordered our drinks. I ordered a Coke & Water (bad idea with the water..it tasted horrible!) & Jason had a Coke!​

Menu shots!

When our waitress came back to take our order I ordered the Grilled Ruben and Jason ordered the Angus Chuck Cheeseburger. We patiently waited for our food and soon it had come up. The issue we had with our waitress is she would disappear for a good long while before ever bringing back our refills on our soft drinks. Ugh. I hate when this happens too! Irritates me and sometimes they will know because I will tell them. 

My Ruben was amazing and when we come back in September with the family and our best friends we WILL be eating here again! Jason said that his burger was amazing too and he would definitely order it again! He said that my sandwich looked better though...I'm guessing it was the 'kraut! Next up we had dessert and we ordered something different so we could sample each others! I ordered the Banana Split and Jason ordered the Brownie Sundae. They both were huge and neither of us could finish either one! I felt kind of bad for wasting food but honestly I ate my entire sandwich and fries and I was stuffed by the time I took my 5th bite of the dessert. We asked for our check and left a tip. I really wanted to leave her a tip on how to not disappear and to bring back refills when you said you would bring them back. Instead I had to ask the manager for a refill because she never brought one to be and it had been a good 20 minutes. I was thirsting to death people! ​

Total cost for the meal was $52.66 and we left her a $6 tip. I would have left her more if she was more efficient in bringing me my refills in a timely manner! We thankfully didn't have to pay the $52.66 because we had the dining plan so we just left the tip for her on the magic bands instead. ​

Please feel free to send me any questions that you have. Thank you!  yohoyohobloggerslifeforme@gmail.com

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