Monday, March 23, 2015

Disney Dole Whip Recipe...

Who doesn't love the refreshing taste of a Dole Whip?! I'm going to share with you a recipe I found on Pinterest to curb your Disney taste buds! I was craving something sweet yet refreshing & came upon this recipe.This is SO quick & easy! I filmed a quick video to show you how easy this is! It is SO good!


1 20 oz. can of crushed or ring pineapple 
1 Lime Squeeze as much juice from it as you can 
2 T Sugar 
1 8oz tub of regular cool whip

Place all ingredients into blender until smooth. You can either place mixture into popsicle molds or put into an ice cream maker like I did. 

It took about 20 minutes for final product in my ice cream maker. I have had this Cuisinart one I really like. 


Final Product! 

Please feel free to send me any questions that you have. Thank you!

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