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Princess Half Marathon Expo Review...

Written by: Charlotte Strickland 

I wanted to introduce everyone to one of my good Disney friends. Charlotte is a fellow WDW Lover who also has a Disney blog & is a Disney Travel Agent!

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This is her latest review:

Princess Half Marathon Expo

I think now that I've been home for a week, it's time to go ahead and write up a little something on the Princess Half Marathon Expo. With it being my first race, first half everything I wasn't quite sure as of what to do as far as the expo goes and what all I wanted but after seeing the Dooney & Bourke design this year, I actually wanted one. I'm not a hog for those things but let me say that some people are. That's a different story on that one and how I figured that out.

So we headed on over to the expo after checking into Port Orleans Riverside which is in the Epcot area and I was so excited to be heading to get my packet information and all that. I had already printed my race waiver but when we got there I realized I had left it in the room. Whoops. My bad. I kind of panicked a bit but was reassured that I could print one off there at the expo which was wonderful. I don't know of any other races that will allow you to do so before the race and while picking up your race information. I soon grabbed a picture of myself by the runDisney Princess 1/2 Marathon Banner and soon was making my way on into the building.

After going down the stairs to get to where you would go get your race packet, I had to stop off at the computers and print my waiver and sign it. Next time I'm putting it in my purse instead signed and all. :) Then I headed on into the room where I stood in line to get my race bib, information, commemorative pin and event guide. I was so excited. I then signed for it and showed my Photo ID. Thankfully I had just gotten that in the mail with my correct mailing address so that was perfect timing.

After that I headed over to the runDisney Official Merchandise Booth where I was hoping to score myself a D&B Wristlet, and a "I Did It" Race Shirt but I didn't grab either one. Nope...couldn't find either one. Apparently there were mugs too that were sold out as well. I was a little disappointed in not being able to grab what I wanted but I did grab a car magnet so that worked out well.

Then went on over to the Josten Building to pick up my race shirt and gear check bag and then to see what all the other vendors were. I knew that I wanted to check out Sparkleskirts and I wanted to get some more KT Tape and some more Margarita Clifshot Bloks. But that was it...or so I thought. I ended up checking out a few skirts but they unfortunately didn't have my size and so I just decided to wait to get them. It's no problem for me to wait right? Maybe or maybe not. Haha. Then I walked around a bit and got in line to get a free banana but then when it was my turn they decided to take a freaking picture with the chiquita lady. No thanks I wanted the free freaking banana!!! I got out of line and continued on my merry little way. Then I came across the Sweaty Bands Stand and had to check them out. I had heard of them before but had never tried them out before. I found one that would match my costume perfect for the race on Sunday and asked Jason if I could get. Of course he said he didn't care. I always ask even if I know what the answer will be because I'm not the one who is making the money. He is.

Soon we made our way around the building and we were able to purchase 2 of the clifshot bloks that I wanted and some more KT Tape that would stay on my legs more than a freaking day! Holla! That's exactly what I needed! I also tried some of the clifshot gel while there and fell in love with it. I had tried GU Gel before and honestly hated it so this was a refreshing way to find out that I loved Clifbar's better!

Soon we made our way out the door of the building and we headed on over to Magic Kingdom where we had Dinner Reservations at The Plaza Restaurant. Yum! A Favorite for us now!!!


  1. What did the finisher medal look like? Did you enjoy the character interactions along the 13.1 mile course? :)

    1. I will be posting that review soon! No worries but the finishers medal is super cute! And no character interactions because I was more worried about just crossing the finish line! ;)



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