Wednesday, April 9, 2014

My Mickey Mouse Watches

When I worked at Disney I found the PERFECT Mickey watch of my dreams. When we moved to our new house three years ago that watch got lost in boxes. This past summer I was cleaning out my husband's garage to discover two boxes that were mine! I have been looking for this watch for years! I stalked Ebay for this watch but never found it.This is by far my favorite watch in the whole wide world! Being that it was in the garage for three years I had the leather band & battery replaced. I got my watch back from the jeweler yesterday & put it right on! It fit perfect. It has the castle in the back ground with fireworks and says Walt Disney World on the glass part. I got this watch in 1999 at the World on Disney in WDW. I always looked for this watch on our trips to WDW. I was so happy when I found it I started jumping up & down! You have NO idea how much it meant to me to find this! It brings back great memories from working at Disney. I worked there before the age of the cell phone so I needed a watch to be on time! ;)

My perfect watch!

When I thought I had lost my favorite watch forever I ordered this one off of Amazon. It is still a little too big even though they took out a bunch of the links. I might have to go back this weekend to have them fix it. It is much larger than my other beloved watch but I still like it.

Do you have a special Disney watch that you cherish? 

Please feel free to ask any questions!

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  1. Both watches are beautiful! I love how the first holds so many special memories :)



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