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Mickey Mouse Movie House - The Pirate Fairy Review...

Mickey Mouse Movie House- The Pirate Fairy

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Second star to the right is the best way to find Neverland, the setting for Tinker Bell’s latest adventure, “The Pirate Fairy”, now available on Blu-ray and DVD.  This installment of the Tinker Bell series focuses on Zarina, a curious Dust-Keeper fairy whose passion for her talent goes beyond that of an ordinary fairy. She doesn’t just want to deliver pixie dust like most fairy of her talent do; she wants to know everything about it. When an experiment goes wrong, Zarina leaves Pixie Hollow and joins forces with a band of pirates led by James, a dashing pirate who is “hooked” on making the pirate ship fly in order to steal more treasure. Tinker Bell and her friends pursue Zarina in hopes of retrieving the Blue Pixie Dust- a special dust used in Pixie Hollow and an important ingredient in James’ plan. This adventure takes Tink and her companions farther than any of them have ever gone and reveals some secrets that ultimate help them discover the greatest treasures of all-friendship, courage, and loyalty.

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While I traditionally don’t review direct-to-dvd films, Tinker Bell’s stories have generated enough of a following to allow an exception. I bought this movie expecting the best and I was not disappointed. From the beginning, the Tinker Bell film series has explored various facets of Neverland, revealing the magical world from a pixie point of view while still retaining the look and feel of Walt Disney’s original film, “Peter Pan” from which the series is based on. This story takes us into the world of the pirates and brings us into a part of Neverland that, while familiar in some aspects, contains many more secrets than we knew. Be prepared to see a few familiar landmarks and memorable faces as well as some hidden gems along the way. While some have said, the Tinker Bell series takes too many creative turns from the original material written by James M. Barrie, having watched the series from the beginning, my honest opinion is that, while it does deviate from some parts of it, it does so in a way that is fun and intriguing, allowing the audience to be amazed by its many clever twists and turns. Another common argument is the difference in animation styles. Walt Disney’s Peter Pan is hand-drawn while the Tinker Bell series is 3D animation. I would ask anyone who would judge these films based on that fact alone to re-watch each film and forget about the style and focus on the story. Each one adds to Tinker Bell’s background and provides us with more a well-rounded history of Neverland. In addition to this, each one contains a landmark from the original spin and gives us a deep look into parts of these places that weren’t explored in the original film. In conclusion, “The Pirate Fairy” is another magical edition to the Tinker Bell stories, taking audiences to Tink’s mysterious world and reminding us all that adventure and fun are just beyond the horizon. From the Mickey Mouse Movie House, this film earns an A+ and is a must have for any Tinker Bell and/or Disney enthusiast. Well, as Tink would say, “fly with you later”.

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