Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Blue Sky- The Frozen Impact

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I tried to ignore this urge to assess the success of the movie Frozen on various Disney attractions, but I found I couldn't let it go.

So, let's talk a whirlwind trip around the world and see what the Imagineer-in-Waiting can conjure up.

Magic Kingdom - Sure Princess Anna can join in at Cindy's breakfast table, but I was also hoping the Christmas parade might get a new lead with Queen Elsa as well.  I'm sure Olaf the snowman will try to get the crowd to join him with his rendition of Frosty.  And, is there an extra member joined Santa's reindeer team?  Sven might just want to ride in the sleigh.

Epcot - Hmmm... let's see.  What country pavilion might best fit with the city of Arendelle.  Oh yeah, Norway.  I believe Akershus fortress even makes a cameo appearance in the film.  They already have shops, but re-theming one to be more like Wandering Oaken's Trading Post and Sauna would add a frozen touch.  They could explain that the sauna is unable to except on snowy Florida days.  The Maelstrom has trolls, but not the cute versions from the movie.  I would like parks to seriously reconsider bringing back the Viking ship.  Other than Norway, it would be very interesting to have a multilingual "Let It Go" performance with each of the pavilions taking part.  I suppose, there need to be three instances in English (US, UK and Canada) and two in French (France and Canada).  For an idea of what it might be like, there's this:

Animal Kingdom - I'd like to see Antarctica get its Snow Queen, but that's on the wrong side of the world... and it hasn't been built:

Disney's Hollywood Studios - This was a bit tough for me to get something thought up.  It's high time something permanently replaces the spot for "Sounds Dangerous," but Echo Lake just doesn't seem to be the right location.  In the Animation Courtyard, the show can always be plussed with inclusion of new characters.

Those are the major theme parks, but I think the concept can be extended to some of the minor areas as well.

Blizzard Beach - Ice Gator has been the kind of/sort of mascot for a while.  Maybe Olaf can join the snow family at the water park.  It's certainly his kind of place.

Winter Summerland mini-golf - Sven can certainly head over the winter section and Olaf (with his protective cloud) can make an appearance in summer.  Well, before I break out into another song from the billion-plus dollar blockbuster, I'll leave it there. -- Jeff C.

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