Tuesday, January 22, 2013

PhotoPass Plus Pre-Ordering...

I did not know about the PhotoPass plus until three weeks before my trip. I quickly ordered it & received it in exactly 10 days from ordering. Some people get it sooner but it is best to have a two week period available when ordering. You don't want to order too close to call to your trip & then not receive it. You will receive a CD case like this that has stock pictures on the CD & it will also include the PhotoPass Plus voucher you need to bring with you to claim your actual photopass Plus lanyard & card. I forgot to take a picture of my voucher so please forgive me! Do NOT break the seal of your CD case if you need to return it! If you do you will not be able to return. I bought mine for $169 I believe but I think they have a better deal now that if you pre-order it is only $149.99. If you wait to buy it at WDW it is $199.99! So it is definitely a smart idea to buy it before hand. This includes all ride photos, all photopass photographer pictures in the park, as well as pictures at: Aloha show, Chef Mickey's & even special magic pictures. I will go into more detail tomorrow :) The website is: http://www.disneyphotopass.com/specialoffers/wdwppp.htm

Do not tear this seal if you plan on returning!

 You can turn in your voucher at:

Downtown Disney
A few hotels offer pick up as well.

I will get in more detail tomorrow talking about how to actually order your Picture CD & what the process is. It is VERY easy! 

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