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Worlds of Fun Battle Creek BBQ Review & Pics...

Worlds of Fun Battle Creek BBQ Review

My husband begged me to go here on our vacation to Kansas City. He has fond memories of this place from his childhood. I will write a separate review for the theme park but today we are talking about food!

I don't know about you but anytime I go to a Theme Park other than Disney I prepare myself for really bad food. I was hoping since we were in BBQ country that this place would be spot on. 

Battle Creek BBQ is located across from where you get on the train. There is a large outdoor area with an outside bar but that is another review for another day with plenty of seating inside as well. 

The decor in this place is super homey AND they were playing "Good Times" in the restaurant which I love! I used to watch that show growing up. It was nicer inside than I anticipated!

The only flaw with this place is how slow the line moves because they only have one person working each station BUT everything is homemade for the most part so it is worth the wait! 

You pass this on the wall before you see the cashier. You order & pay first. Then you tell each station what you ordered. Not the best system. 

My husband ordered BBQ Nachos while I got the pork sandwich with a side of mac & cheese. I cannot begin to describe how amazing this BBQ was. This by far surpasses the BBQ at Flametree in Animal Kingdom. The hold up in the line was EVERYONE was ordering the BBQ Nachos. This consists of pulled pork, nacho cheese, pork & beans. My husband ate the WHOLE thing himself! My mac & cheese was homemade & not some frozen kind of mess! It was melt in your mouth goodness. They had regular BBQ sauce or spicy sauce that is homemade! I chose the regular sauce & it was sweet & very good. 

They also offered fresh cut jalapeƱos & my husband got some for his nachos.

Like I said the only negative here is the wait. We were here on a slower day & still waited from start to finish about 20-25 minutes in line. I couldn't imagine waiting in that line over the summer unless it was better staffed! 

This did not break the bank too bad. You expect Amusement Park food to be a little pricey. The girls who were working here were super friendly & doing the best they could with the line. If you find yourself at Worlds of Fun please try this place & you will not be disappointed! ;) 

Please feel free to send me any questions that you may have. Thank you!

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