Saturday, May 23, 2015

Tomorrowland Review *SPOILERS*

Tomorrowland Review *SPOILERS* 

I knew I wanted to see this as soon as I saw the previews. The trailer drew me in for sure.Originally I didn't think this would be the kind of movie that I'd like but it was well worth going to see even for a non  science-fiction fan as myself. 

Hint: If you go to see the movie at a Regal Cinema you get free pins if you are a Regal club card owner. We got 2 pins ourselves! While supplies last of course....

I loved that the opening was at the World's Fair! I was probably the only person in the theatre singing along with" Great,Big,Beautiful, Tomorrow". They played the original soundtrack from the World's Fair. You meet young Frank as he tries to sell off his "jet pack" to one of the judges of the fair. The judge is impressed at first but sends him away since it doesn't work. The judge's daughter sees something in Frank after her dad tells her NOT to recruit him. The girl tells him to go on the Small World attraction as she pins on the famous pin from the ads. Halfway through the ride the pin is detected & he goes down a secret passageway to a booth that will take him to Tomorrowland. 

This movie was excellently cast. Casey is the main girl from the film. She has always loved the stars & space. She ends up in jail but has a pin in her items when she leaves. As soon as she touches the pin she "sees" Tomorrowland. She soon discovers that the only other people that know about the pin are robots! 

The little girl from the World's Fair comes to help  Casey on her journey. I thought the best actor from this cast was Athena. She's going to be a big star soon! Athena & Frank were booted out of Tomorrowland 25 years ago. Athena thinks that Casey is their last hope to get Tomorrowland up & running. The main boss's robots are chasing them throughout most of the film. Casey & Athena get with Frank for one last shot at saving Tomorrowland. They get there by blasting off from a secret spaceship underneath the eiffel tower?! Say what?! Parts of this film definitely reminded me of a National Treasure kind of feel to the movie which I like. 

There are tons of CGI & cool effects to this movie. If you want to see it I highly suggest you see it on the big screen. Parts of it are quite breathtaking. 

I would say that this is a kid friendly movie. Some parts are scary but I think the kids can handle it. I don't want to spoil the ending of the movie but I say give it a shot! 

What did you think of the movie???

Please feel free to send me any questions that you have. Thank you!

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