Tuesday, May 19, 2015

My Disney Souvenirs & Gifts...

I don't know about you but I for one love to see what people buy for gifts when they are at the parks! I went on a girl's trip last September so had to buy gifts for my husband, mom, two nieces, & nephew. I don't HAVE TO buy my nieces & nephew gifts but I would feel bad going there w/o getting them anything! They haven't gotten to go yet. I went the week after Labor Day. My oldest niece was cute & whispered to me she won't tell anyone if she got to go with me. Hopefully one day I'll get to go with them!

My mom does a lot of stuff for me so I wanted to get her a nice gift. I ended up getting her one of the Vera Bradley small purses. She still uses it everyday & says wherever she goes she gets a ton of compliments ESPECIALLY after people realize Mickey Mouse is on it. ;)

If you know my husband you know at least this one tidbit about him.......He LOVES Indiana Jones! It was our entrance music into our Wedding Reception too. He wore his Indy hat into the reception of course. ;) His favorite ride is that attraction at DL & he is super psyched to go this fall. His favorite ride at WDW is Mount Everest so I had to get him a shirt there too. He loved both of his shirts. :) He ALWAYS wants to pull on the rope next to the IJ Stunt show at DHS. :)If you don't know about that rope just ask. ;)

Us on Hween a few years ago. He was Indy & I was his geisha ;) 

I did end up buying myself only one thing. I'm not a huge Belle fan but I was drawn to this shirt. I'm not THAT big of a girl but this XL shirt barely fits me so be forewarned that WDW sizes run SMALL!!!

My husband's friend messaged me on FB while I was at WDW to find the dual doll of Elsa & Anna. I did find it for her. Her daughter LOVES her doll. :)

My nephew was the hardest to buy for since he only liked Frozen at the time. He loved the fans & his shirt. All he talked about at that time was Olaf so it was a no brainer. ;)

My youngest niece is a HUGEEEEEEEEEEEE Elsa fan to put it lightly! The one thing I know she wanted was the Elsa crown. The only place I could find it at was the Norway store in Epcot. My nieces share it. :)  She also loves her Frozen Sweatshirt. :)

My oldest niece asked for something Merida but said if I couldn't find anything of her the back-up was something Ariel. The only Merida items I saw was a $$$$$$ dress and archery set. Disney needs to make some more Brave toys!

I found her this diary that included a seashell necklace plus a matching bag. I only saw this item at Magic Kingdom in the Big Top Souvenirs shop. I love that store! It is my favorite gift shop in the Magic Kingdom.

What are your favorite gift and souvenirs????

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