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Morimoto Asia Disney Springs Review...

Morimoto Asia Disney Springs Review

I was so excited as soon as this opened in Disney Springs! You can find Morimoto Asia right across from Homecomin' near the AMC Movie theatre side of Disney Springs. 

If you are looking for my lounge review on Morimoto Asia you can find that here:

We got to Morimoto Asia around 2pm on a Friday. They said the wait would be around 20 minutes & would text me on my cell phone when our table was ready. We grabbed a drink at the bar while we waited & did not wait over 20 minutes. It wasn't too crowded when we were there so I wonder how loud it gets in there at night in the restaurant?

It really is a beautiful restaurant. We were seated almost to the edge of the restaurant closest to the kitchen. 

Open Kitchen showcasing the famous duck on left side 

Artwork next to our table

I've heard nothing but amazing things so I knew exactly what I wanted to try. I ordered the Kanikama Rangoon which is krab meat in a cream cheese spring roll with apricot sweet chili sauce. Crab   Rangoons are my FAVORITE thing at any Chinese takeout so I had to try these. Honestly this was just ehhhhhh for us & we wouldn't get again but the dipping sauce was very good. 

 Kanikama Rangoon

We also ordered the Rock Shrimp Tempura appetizer. This knocks it out of the park! We were fighting over these & polished these off in no time! 


My main protein was the famous Spare Ribs which are flavored with cilantro & hoisin sweet chili glaze. I ordered the Appetizer portion. There are two options for these: 3 ribs or 6 ribs.  I can tell you there is MORE than enough meat on these ribs from the appetizer. I don't know how he does it but these ribs are mind blowing! They are crunchy yet sweet & spicy. The best ribs I've ever had in my entire life& my husband agreed! My mouth is watering just thinking about these & looking at this picture again. :) 

 My husband ordered the lunch special:

The salad that came with it was very good & quite refreshing. 

Lunch included: Salad, California Rolls, Kung Pao, & dumplings. I can say the dumpling was the best  I ever had. He was nice & let me have a bite :) He said everything was amazing. 

Water Glass
Kirin Draft

We were too stuffed for dessert. Everything was amazing! I am sad we are not going here on our next trip but I hope to go back on the next one. We didn't have the duck but Morimoto is also known for that. I would say you cannot go wrong with the rock shrimp & ribs. The lunch specials are stellar too.  

Have you been & what is your opinion?

Please feel free to send me any questions that you may have. Thank you!

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