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Disney Springs Homecoming Review & Pics

Disney Springs Homecoming Review

I was most excited to try this restaurant on our last trip. I am a long time Art Smith fan. You can find Homecoming across from Morimoto in Disney Springs.

 I love the laid back yet upscale feel of this restaurant. Check out the cute chicken door handle. 

I liked how they had the menu easy to view outside.

In the entry to the right near the restrooms there is a small hallway showcasing Art Smith's Disney College Program memorabilia. He actually interned at Magic Kingdom in the 1980's. I never knew this! I love how he has Disney pride & I feel he fits right in with the excellent company in Disney Springs. It was fun to see pics of him from the program as well as a picture of him & his mother. 

We were seated next to the window area & it was VERY hot in that area just a forewarning. 

Homecoming is known for their in-house made Moonshine! 

My husband tried the watermelon one & I tried the strongest & sweetest one which is called Blue hooch. 

I'm not a huge drinker so my drink was VERY strong for me. If you are a seasoned drinker you might like it better than me. I had to add Sprite to mine. :) I'm a lightweight though in my defense. My husband loved the watermelon shine.

I love the cute coasters! 

We went here on our way out of Florida to the airport for lunch. We decided to skip the appetizer because we knew we wanted dessert. :) 

Marsh ordered the Fish of the day which I'm pretty sure was mahi mahi with the KC Greens & I had to try the fried chicken with donuts! 

I was a klutz when trying to eat my fried chicken & managed to spill maple syrup ALL over the floor, table, & myself. The waitress was super quick to clean it up & said it happens all the time. It was my fault for not moving the syrup off of my plate though. I'm wondering if it happens all the time if it should be presented in another way? I can tell you the fried chicken is DELICIOUS! Crispy outside with juicy inside! The donuts were very good. I don't like maple so didn't use it. The mashed potatoes & gravy were heavenly! 

We decided to share a side of mac & cheese because I had heard such great reviews on it. It was good but it wasn't the best mac & cheese I ever had. 

This fish was SO fresh & wonderful! If you are a fish person I highly recommend to get the special. 

I was not prepared to have a new favorite side dish at Disney. I am not a huge Collard greens person but these are mind blowing & AMAZING! I tried a bite off of my husband's plate & couldn't stop eating it! They are collards with kale cooked with a little spice. I want this recipe SOOOOOO bad! I tweeted at Chef Art Smith but sadly he did not respond to me. These are perfection on a plate. I am going here again this fall to go back just for these collard greens ( and the recipe I hope)! That is saying a lot because I'm not even a huge vegetable person!

I love the cute presentation of the dessert menu.

There was no question on what I wanted for dessert. Art Smith is famous for his Hummingbird cake so we had to try it! 

This is my new favorite Disney dessert! It is sweet but not too sweet along with the cream cheese frosting & homemade ice cream! It is SO refreshing! I'm a huge chocolate lover so it is a big deal for me to choose something else & absolutely love it. 

This restaurant from start to finish was amazing! Disney Springs has a lot of competition but this place is in the Top 2 in my opinion. BRAVO! 

We did get to use our Annual Pass Discount here to save 20% which was great. 

We would go back here in a heartbeat & are already planning to go back here in the fall! 

Please feel free to send me any questions that you may have. Thank you!

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  1. On our visit to this place, we mostly stayed downstairs, where the beer and liquor selection was quite admirable. The staff at event venue Atlanta really pride themselves on the beers and food they have.



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