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Disney's Tiffins Restaurant at Animal Kingdom Review & Pics

Disney's Tiffins Restaurant at Animal Kingdom 

You can find Tiffins restaurant at Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park. It is next to where all of the new Pandora attractions will be. I actually cancelled another ADR to get into Tiffins. I was told by many friends that I NEEDED to eat here & I am so happy that I did! First off I want to say that I am not a very adventurous eater & can be very boring & picky. Lately I am trying to change that. If you are a picky eater I highly recommend you try this place! I was a little scared but am glad I went through with it.

I loved the open floor plan of the restaurant! It wasn't loud like I thought it would be although it wasn't very busy when we went. I could only get a 1PM lunch ADR. The couple next to us complained that they missed a Fastpass due to their reservation & were given a new Fastpass to any park for any ride......

I loved the decor here!

Love the light up art work

We sat near this & it was my favorite. It is a 3D art piece!

Cool Menu!

I loved the cool leather bound menus! Our Waiter was Mo and he was my favorite waiter our whole time at Walt Disney World. I highly recommend you request him. 

You have the option of ordering a lighter lunch or you can order from the full menu. 

The complimentary bread came with olive oil mixed with Pomegranate. I wasn't a big fan of this but my husband loved it. 

We ordered the cheese board & the Grilled Octopus. I was a little scared to try the Octopus but it did NOT disappoint! My husband was in the bathroom when our food arrived & I devoured a lot of the octopus & he was shocked! The mustard sauce it comes with was really tasty! 

The cheese board had the most amazing nuts & berries on it. They put caramel on the blue cheese & it actually went very well with it! We finished all of the cheese except for the blue cheese. I loved the two soft cheeses the most but all were excellent.

I wanted to try one of their signature cocktails & chose the Annapurna Zing. It was a lot sweeter than I thought it was going to be. I would order this again in a heartbeat. My husband chose the Robust red wine flight & said he would order it again. 

For lunch we both chose the Wagyu Striploin & short rib. The waiter recommended that or the fresh fish they offer. This steak was SUPERB! It was California Grill level quality! We both ordered it medium rare & it was perfection! I recommend eating the short rib first & then finish with the strip loin. The meat was so tender, juicy & AMAZING!!!! I would order this 1,000,000,000 times over. :) Can you tell how much I loved this?! LOL 

We were given this by our waiter. The pink drop is hibiscus meringue. The chewy looking thing is a pineapple sugar candy & the last is a truffle. I enjoyed the truffle & pineapple candy as I found the meringue to have a bitter flavor. 

I ordered the chocolate ganache & I actually liked it better than the one they serve at California Grill! The caramelized bananas did it for me along with the vanilla cream.

My husband chose the lime cheesecake. I tasted a bite but I'm not a real fan of lemon or lime desserts so I'm not the best person to ask. ;) He loved it.

My husband also ordered Earl Grey tea with some extra lemons & we loved the extra special touches everything had. 

Tiffins gives out different collection cards that were designed by Disney Imagineer Joe Rohde. I believe he said there are 7 cards to collect in all.  

My final thoughts that this place is a wonderful addition to the parks & Animal Kingdom desperately needed this! Book your ADRs fast! If you cannot get into California Grill this would be a great replacement ADR. 

Please let me know your thoughts on Tiffins? 

Please feel free to send me any questions that you may have. Thank you!

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