Friday, June 17, 2016

Duke's Restaurant Review in Huntington, CA ..

We were most excited to eat here on our CA trip. If you find yourself near Huntington Beach, CA we HIGHLY recommend this restaurant. The name might sound familiar if you have been to Hawaii. The restaurant is named after one of the famous Hawaiian surfers. We have eaten at the ones in Oahu & Kauai. This place reminds us of our Honeymoon as well as having amazing food. 

I highly recommend  that you make reservations. If we didn't we would have waited an hour & half. I made our reservation through I noted that it was our 5 year anniversary so they were nice enough to give us an oceanside view table. It was off into a separated porch room. We came here after our day at Knott's Berry Farm. The beach has a pier you can walk down with shops. We chose to valet our car at Duke's. We waited around 20 minutes for our table. It only took a little longer since we wanted the table with the view. 

This place is known for their fresh fish but they do have other amazing dishes to choose from. Here is a link to their full menu. It can change due to the season:

I chose one of their Pineapple martini but sadly I did not care for it. 

Our View

We had the most amazing waiter! Marsh & I were boring and 
ordered the same exact things. We both ordered the Caesar Salad. 

Looking back to all the food we ordered we might not get salad next time. We were stuffed at the end of the night! 

They do offer several fish options that are not posted on the menu. The waiter will explain them all. We ordered Opah or Moonfish is the slang term for it. It is the MOST amazing fish I've ever had in my entire life! I highly recommend that you get it "Duke Style" They have different sauces to choose from to add on the fish. 

We ordered extra sides of their Mac & Cheese as well as the creamed corn. EVERYTHING was melt in your mouth amazing! 

Mac & Cheese

Creamed Corn 

Our waiter brought us out Hula Pie as a surprise for our anniversary! If there is ONE thing you must try here it is definitely the Hula Pie! It is macadamia nut ice cream w/ chocolate fudge sauce. OH MY GODDDDDDDDD! We were pigs & ate it ALL ourselves! 

As you can tell we hated it. ;) Please let me know if you give Duke's a try & your opinion. 

Please feel free to send me any questions that you may have. Thank you!

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