Tuesday, April 26, 2016

DisneyLand Plaza Inn Character Breakfast Review

DisneyLand Plaza Inn Character Breakfast Review 

If you are going to make Advanced Dining Reservations for DisneyLand this is one of the places that you need to do it at. We had a reservation for 8:30am. There is a desk outside of the Plaza inn where you check in. You are given a piece of paper & then walk up to the host. They will take your picture on the front porch & will ask you if you want to purchase your picture later. We opted out of that. It was a boring picture on the front porch with no characters. 

You go inside to pay & you are offered some pins that have Minnie's Picture printed on them with Plaza Inn also printed on them. I cannot find mine unfortunately. They will also give you a hand stamp  to prove you paid for the Character Bfast. When they seat you they put your name/tab receipt to reserve your table. We were sat on outside patio in a corner area. 

I thought this Character Bfast was a little better than Chef Mickey's. There weren't as many options but all of the food was great. My husband LOVED the freshly made omelets here. I believe Karl made it for him & he was an awesome cast member! He was very funny & made us laugh. I wrote DisneyLand about him & how he made us have a special visit here. I'm pretty sure my husband tried everything on the menu at least once. ;) 

There is a fancy inside seating area but I also love the patio. We ate here for an hour & half but couldn't wait any longer to meet characters. The characters were slow even though it wasn't terribly busy. Hook skipped us twice & so did Eeyore which didn't make me happy. Chip & Dale came to see us & they more than made up for it. Marsh was away getting more food ;) & I was alone when he came up . Chip sat down w/ me & pretended to eat Marsh's food & spent a good amount of time entertaining me until Marsh got back. ;) 

I was a little disappointed with the lack of characters that we met because I've heard rave reviews. We didn't even see Minnie Mouse walking around? We were both a little uncomfortable around Peter Pan. We weren't sure if he was scared to talk to only adults or if that was his schtick? 

A birdie came to dine with us. :) 

Those were the only 3 characters we saw during our breakfast. We loved the atmosphere & Plaza Inn so much we would be willing to try it again. Marsh still talks about that omelet to this day. ;) 

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