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July 4th Fun by Marc...

                                                      4th of July Fun

Hi Everyone,

It’s Marc. Most of you know me from the Mickey Mouse Movie House Reviews. Today, I decided to branch out from my regular genre of writing and give you my “review” of adventures on the 4th of July. Hopefully, I won’t bore you too much. My first stop was Main Street to visit Pluto. As most of you who have visited Walt Disney World know, Pluto, Goofy, Minnie Mouse, or Marie are usually in the small flower garden where the “Enjoying the Magic” statue of Roy O. Disney and Minnie Mouse is located. Pluto, while not a vocal character, provides plenty of entertainment for the guests. When he saw me, he became very excited and started jumping up and down. When the photopass castmember calmed him down, he instructed me where to stand. When he said, “turn around” to face the camera, Pluto misinterpreted the instruction and turned around with his back facing the camera. Well, at least we can say that Mickey taught him how to follow commands well (even if they aren’t directed at him).

My new stop was to see Anna and Elsa. For those of you who haven’t met them yet, a quick update on their location. They have moved from the spot near Norway’s Stave Church in Epcot’s World Showcase to the Princess Royal Hall in the Magic Kingdom. Unfortunately, as in Norway, the wait for Arendelle’s famous royals is still anywhere for one to three hours depending on the day and time. Thankfully, Anna and Elsa have joined the list of available fastpass options so young fans of Frozen can meet their favorite princesses and their parents don’t have to wait in the summer heat for three hours. Having booked my fastpass for them online, I was quickly admitted in and had a great chat with Anna and Elsa. Both of them told me I reminded them of Olaf (which I took as a compliment) and Elsa offered to give me my own personal snow cloud if the heat became too intense for me. I laughed and thanked her for the generous offer. I will definitely consider it for the future.

After leaving Anna and Elsa’s area, I decided to visit Cinderella and Rapunzel (whose meet and greet area is next door to Anna and Elsa). While I didn’t have a fastpass for them, the line moved fairly quickly for a holiday weekend and it gave me a chance to admire the new layout of the Princess Royal Hall. For any of the readers who remember the old Princess room from Mickey’s Toontown Fair, this room is ten times more amazing. Not only is the space bigger, but the room itself is ornately decorated with painting of all the Disney Princesses (up to Rapunzel) as well as a beautiful replica of Cinderella’s glass slipper that guests can take a picture with. Rapunzel and I chatted first. She told me how she was very excited about the 4th of July but wasn’t really sure what to expect in terms of the festivities. I told her there would be fireworks that would look as beautiful as the lanterns that were released for her birthday. She smiled and said it would be the best day ever for her because Eugene was going to get a boat for them to watch it in and buy more apples for Maximus. Afterwards, Cinderella and I talked about her plans for the holiday. She said she planned to watch the fireworks from her castle and told me to watch the sky because her fairy godmother had some magical surprises in store for the celebration. She also asked me to make sure her fairy godmother didn’t lose her wand or the magic would get out of hand. I promised her that I would make sure things went smoothly and thanked her for helping me believe in my dreams. She hugged me and told me to have a great holiday.

My third stop (after having lunch at Be Our Guest) was to see Merida. She gave me a big hug and admired my coat since the patterns matched the ones on her sash (see picture below). She said she planned to watch the fireworks with her parents and I advised her to make sure that her brothers didn’t get in the way of the events. She smiled and said she’d make sure they behaved themselves.

My last meet and greets were Mickey Mouse and Tinker Bell. Both of them can be found at the Town Square Theater (Pixie Hollow was relocated from Adventure to the Town Square Theater in May of this year). Tink was excited to hear all about the 4th of July festivities but like Rapunzel, was a little vague on the details. I explained that it was very similar to the Pixie Hollow Games in that two teams (England and America) competed and America won and so now we celebrate the victory with fireworks, just like when Rosetta and Chloe won the Pixie Hollow Games.  She said she wanted to get a good seat for it and said that she would tell Rosetta and the rest of her friends to watch the sky. She also said she had some magic plan for that night too. After seeing Tinker Bell, I headed next door to visit Mickey. For those who haven’t seen Mickey since 2010, there’s a very special surprise waiting for you but I won’t spoil it for you. Let’s just say he has a lot to say to the guests who visit him now.

Finally, I took my place near the castle and saw the amazing fireworks! This was the first time I had seen the 4th of July fireworks so I was very impressed with show! I can say that the fireworks rival the ones in Wishes (and having seen that show numerous times) that says a lot for a show I’ve only seen once. Well, if you’ve reached this part of the article, it means you haven’t fallen asleep and I thank you for taking the time to read my 4th of July adventures. Just a few tips. As I mentioned before, Anna and Elsa’s wait time is extremely long so I advise getting a fast pass months before your trip to ensure that you will be able to meet them. In terms of attractions, while not previously mentioned in this article, the Seven Dwarfs Mine Ride is spectacular but due to its popularity, is another attraction that requires a fast pass for a guaranteed spot. In conclusion, the 4th of July festivities, like the other holiday events at the Disney parks shouldn’t be missed. I recommend finding a spot either near or in front of the castle for the fireworks, for, while the show can be seen all over the Magic Kingdom, a front row seat makes it more comfortable and enjoyable for everyone in the party, especially those with small children. That’s all for this review. Be sure to join me next week for my review on Disney’s latest theatrical release, “Planes: Fire and Rescue.”

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