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Disney's Sunshine Seasons Dinner Review....

Disney's Sunshine Seasons Dinner Review....

You can find Sunshine Seasons inside of the Epcot Theme Park next to the Journey Into the Imagination Pavilion. This is my favorite place to eat fast food in all of WDW. They have such an array of choices it is ridiculous. From the adventurous eater to the picky eater you will all find something great to eat! 

My friend & I dined here one night. He chose the Turkey with Monterey Jack cheese on ciabatta while I decide to try the salmon dinner. I unfortunately forgot to take a picture of his sandwich so I borrowed this picture! This picture does it NO justice it is HUGE! You can definitely share it. It is a LOT of bread though so be prepared! The sandwich is $10.49.

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They make all of the salmon fresh on the grill. Since I opted not to get the sauce that went on the salmon I got to choose an extra side for free which was awesome! I got green french beans & mashed potatoes. Both tasted fresh & delicious. It was a great change of pace considering all of the unhealthy food I had earlier that week. I will have this meal again! I hope it is still there the next time I go. This meal cost me $12.49. 

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Next to the salmon station I noticed an area where they had allergy free/gluten free snacks which I thought was awesome! 

I love the open atrium of this cafeteria style place. I know Epcot is known for cuisines from all over the world but this is my pick for best QSFB on WDW Property! 

What is your favorite thing to get at Sunshine Seasons??

Please feel free to send me any questions that you may have. Thank you!

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