Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Disney Springs Dockside Margaritas Review & Pics...

Disney Springs Dockside Margaritas Review 

Pic courtesy of Disney Parks Blog

In all my years of going to Downtown Disney now called Disney Springs I never got a drink here?! You can find this in the Marketplace at Disney Springs. 

My first night in FL it was boiling hot with high humidity so I decided I wanted a cool refreshing drink. I saw this drink online & had been eyeing it. I'm a sucker for any drink with Peach Schnapps! ;) 

Pic courtesy of eatingwdw.com

I ordered the Florida Citrus Freeze. This is $12.00 and you get a huge plastic cup of this. It is Florida Cane Orlando Orange Vodka, Peach Schnapps blended w/ Orange Puree. I must tell you I am a HUGE lightweight. I normally only drink when I'm on vacation or for a special occasion. Needless to say half way into this I was feeling pretty good. They have a really cool outside patio with comfy chairs and tables to relax at as well with a pretty view.If you love girlie, fruity drinks like myself then this is the drink for you! ;) 

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