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Big Hero 6 Review *SPOILERS*

Mickey Mouse Movie House- Big Hero 6  - By Marc Disney 

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Look, at your local movie theater, it’s a bird, it’s a plane, no it’s not Superman. It’s Disney’s newest animated film, Big Hero 6. The film tells the story of Hiro who aspires to be like his older brother, Tadashi. When Tadashi is killed in a fire, Hiro assembles a group of his brother’s college friends to find his murderer. This group of unexpected and inexperienced superheroes has their jobs cut out for them as they discover that the culprit has stolen a top secret device that if not stopped, could mean the end of San Frantokyo and the world itself. Hiro must trust his team, his huggable robot sidekick, Baymax, and most importantly, his heart in order to set things right.

Since the acquisition of Marvel in 2009, the Walt Disney Company had be trying to develop a story from the Marvel lore that would be entertaining and inspiring without being self-referencing to its roots. I’m happy to say that Big Hero 6 accomplished this goal and exceeded my expectations. While I was initially skeptical about the combination of two very different genres of filmmaking, Big Hero 6 showed me how opposites not only attract but can work very well together. Anyone who is a fan of Marvel knows of their ability to create non-stop action sequences that will have audiences on the edge of their sits while all Disney fans know that the Walt Disney Company is known for creating moments that can touch your heart and cause you to reach for your tissue box. This film combines both elements of storytelling without one overshadowing the other but gentling blending to create an experience that will have you on the edge of your sit one moment and have you wanting to give Baymax a hug the next. In addition to its brilliant storytelling, the animation is amazing. Directed by Don Hall and Chris Williams (Bolt and Wreck-It Ralph respectively), the film uses the same breath-taking animation while offering a gentle mix of both eye-popping special effects as well as soothing, soft colors to coincide with the scenes that are designed for (such as Baymax’s visit the dimension within the portal).  As with Wreck-It Ralph, this film is not a musical but the beautiful score is composed by Henry Jackman who previously worked on Wreck-It Ralph and features a new single by the group Fall Out Boy entitled “Immortal”. In conclusion, this magnificent combination of action and heart is not only a lesson in how opposites attract but how two completely different genres can come together to tell a single story with a single lesson- courage and sacrifice. From the Mickey Mouse Movie House, this film soars up, up and away with an A+ See you next time at the movies.

Written by Marc Disney

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