Tuesday, October 1, 2013

New Walgreens Limited Edition Disney Villains Collection!!!

Pic Courtesy of nouveaucheap blog

Pic courtesy of musingofamuse.com

I have been hunting these for two weeks with no success in my area (Northern VA) I really want the Cruella DeVille Makeup Set! The sets got good reviews on YouTube. They have nail polishes,makeup bags,& makeup sets. The makeup sets include 6 eyeshadows,mascara,lipstick pencil,eyeshadow brush,eyeliner,&lipgloss.I hear the only crappy product in them is the mascara. That seems like a great deal for $10! If you have already seen these out in the stores please let me know & what area you live in. The makeup quality looks great on YT. These sets are $10 at select Walgreens stores.

Which set do you want?!

Pic courtesy of beautyz.com

Pic courtesy of musingofamuse.com

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Pic courtesy of musingofamuse.com
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